Local sporting goods stores dread bill that would change 2nd amendment tax-free weekend

NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) – There could be some changes coming to the second amendment sales tax holiday weekend.

The Louisiana Senate has agreed to cut back on certain items during the tax weekend for hunting gear and supplies.

The bill proposed to scale back on the second amendment sales tax holiday is one step closer to becoming a law making big purchases like boats off limits.

“If our items are eliminated, if the boats are eliminated or the motors are eliminated, then we are going to benefit nothing from the sales tax holiday,” a local business owner said.

Senate Bill 22 sailed through the senate Wednesday with a 22-6 vote.

If approved by the house, certain items like boats, ATV’s, and pirogues would no longer be tax free during the second amendment sales tax weekend in early September.

Items like ammunition, guns, and apparel would still be tax exempt.

Gatortails Outboards Owner Kyle Broussard said he is not happy about the potential changes.

“The state is not going to make any more money by getting rid of it because the people are just not going to buy the products.”

Broussard said it’s also not fair to customers.

“It’s not so much just us as business counts on it, our customers count on it because they are able to save a little bit and able to buy the items that they want to buy. It’s coming at a bad time. It’s not helping the consumer.”

Buckfins-N-Feathers Owner Kelly Neuville said even though the changes won’t affect his business he hopes the bill does not pass.

“Giving us a tax-free weekend would generate a lot of people to come into the store, it helps us out, and it helps the customers save a good bit of money. We could use a break every once and a while.”

The bill is now being sent to the house for debate.

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