Lafayette bar owners prepare to go smoke-free

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Lafayette is going smoke free.

“My employees are going to be very happy. They won’t go home smelling like a cigarette at the end of the evening,” Marley’s Sports Bar Owner Andrew Monceaux said.

Tuesday, consolidated council members approved a smoking ban, and local bar owners seem to be happy with the decision.

“I do think that it’s awesome and very important for service industry employees just because you should have the right to choose,” Wurst Beer Garden Owner Joshua Wells said.

“Coming from a non-smoker it’s nice to work in a clean air environment,” Legends Annex Manger Ted Bertrand said.

The new rule prohibits smoking within five feet of a bar entrance.

Roy Hebert is a smoker, he said it’s a great idea

“I am not upset at all because guess what, it’s going to make me go outside and get some fresh air and I can kill me later,” joked Hebert.

While smoking will be prohibited inside of bars like Marley’s and Legends, outside venues like the Wurst Beer Garden are still smoke friendly.

“We want to get to a point where we designate a specif area for that, but until then I don’t think the smoking ban affects us at all because the whole place is a patio,” Wells said.

The ban only applies to enclosed bars with four walls and a roof.

The Wurst Beer Garden General Manager Joshua Wells said while there are no major changes for his bar, he still tries to consider each guest’s preference.

“If someone has like children at the table eating and the table behind them lights up, usually we’ll tell them like hey guys be respectful of other people especially children.”

And other places, like Legends have already made the transition.

“Anywhere we serve food it’s always been non-smoking. We have a lot of non-smoking signs everywhere, so it’s not going to be a shell shock when you walk into it and it’s no smoking all of a sudden. We’ve kinda been ready for this.”

The ban will go into effect August 1, 2017.

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