Lafayette High teen takes her two best friends with ‘Special Needs’ to prom

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) A Lafayette teen touched the hearts of many Saturday night when she made her prom date(s) the luckiest boys in the world.

Prom photos of Lafayette High Junior Shaylon Mitchell, and Seniors Sammy Drake and Logan Watkins came pouring into the KLFY Newsroom and of course we always look forward to “inspiring” stories and they didn’t disappoint.

Here’s why: Sammy Drake has downs syndrome and Logan Watkins has spina bifida, and both were asked to the prom by their good friend Shaylon Mitchell.

Shaylon said her “promposal” was simple. “One of the most intimidating aspects of the prom is finding and asking someone to be your prom date. I love both of them like brothers and I wanted this day to be special for them. Rejection, especially in high school, can be terrifying.”  Mitchell said.  ” I asked and they said YESSSSSSSS.”

So with a little help from her mom and a few friends, Shaylon was able to put together an event she hopes her best friends will remember for a lifetime complete a pre-prom photo session and the ride of a lifetime inside a luxury limousine.

And then it was off to prom to dance the night away at the Cajundome Convention Center.

Have Fun Shaylon, Sammy and Logan! WE LOVE YOU…



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