New Iberia community rallies after shooting death of 80 year old woman

NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) Community members in New Iberia are fed up with the violence after an 80 year old woman was shot to death inside her home Saturday morning.  Members gathered for a prayer walk just hours after the shooting. News Tens Emily Giangreco has the story.

Community members are walking the streets in hopes to stop the violence here in New Iberia after a fatal shooting took place Saturday morning.

Iberia Parish detectives say officials found a woman shot inside her South Hopkins Street home just before 1 a.m. Saturday.

The unresponsive victim was lying on the floor of her living room with multiple gunshot wounds.

It happen to my aunt and it touched my family, who’s next? If you don’t do nothing, who’s next?

Now, community members are taking a stand. They split into groups and walked around the Hopkins Street area, praying with residents.

We are appauled and we have great compassion for that family. It was needless, and it has wrenched all of our hearts and so we feel the compassion for this and we’re going forward with what we know we need to do.

Pastor Zack Mitchell says the Hopkins Street area has always been their main focus.

We went after the area where the problem is, there’s no use doing anything outside of that area. So we targeted this area because the problem is here.

But he knows change can’t happen unless the community comes together and helps.

I’d really ask the community to rise up and do what it can concerning this because it is important, we’ve been impowered to do this and we’ve been impoweresd to right this situation.

The victim was pronounced dead on the scene and this is still an ongoing investigation.

Reporting in New Iberia, Emily Giangreco for KLFY News Ten.



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