City officials working to lower crime on Hopkins Street

NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) -This weekend a woman was shot and killed on Hopkins Street in New Iberia.

80-year-old Bertha Hill was shot and killed inside of her home.

The shooting took place in the 600th block of South Hopkins street.

Investigators say she was an innocent bystander hit by a stray bullet.

These types of crimes are known to be common in that area, and now the city is working to fix that.

“Well, I mean we have robberies, we have burglaries, we have shootings.” said District 1 city council member Natalie Lopez.

It’s a crime problem that mayor Freddie Decourt is working on.

“The crime has escalated there, the violence, the gun violence has escalated,” he explained, “And so, we are coming together as a council, as a town, as well as with some state and really officials of all levels and we’re looking to address these problems and find some solutions.”

One of the proposed solutions is to get a police department in New Iberia

“The city is attempting to pass a sales tax which would then enable us to start up our own police department,” said Lopez.

While Lopez believes this will help, she knows there is a deeper issue that’s causing crime in this area.

“Witnesses do not feel comfortable coming forward to the sheriff’s department,” she said, “But, the residents here have to learn to trust whatever kind of police force that we’re going to have. And whatever police force we’re going to have is going to have to work very hard to gain the trust of the residents.”

District 2 city council member Marlon Lewis believes Hopkins Street can get better, but it’s going to require help from the community

“We need the community to get involved,” said Lewis, “When you see something going on, report it. We’re a community of proud people, educated people, that are becoming to be hostages in our own homes and businesses. So all we’re saying is, there is hope, there is hope.”

Mayor Decourt asks residents to be patient while they work on this issue.


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