Flower Bed

Today in your lawn and garden we’re maintaining the garden John what do we need to do? Like put fertilizer on it or what?

Well definitely fertilizer it. You want to start with that put right now they’re growing pretty good like what I have in the garden, they’re a nice size I planted some right after the hard freeze we had I planted some of them right after I already picked tomatoes. Now that they’re leafed out and pretty—mine are two feet tall at least, you need to take care of your diseases plights and different things like that. It will get on the tomatoes eventually. Eventually a plight will kill your tomatoes at the end of the year, when you’re finished. And that’s when they get weak. When it gets hot. So we have these fungicides here, dithane, or copper—I prefer the copper because its actually an organic fungicide, safer to use and use it more often. But they work well. Fertilizing we have always the 5-2020 granular that I suggest starting and then you can side dress with it as well. And for the people that just have a small, small garden you might just want to use the miracle grow to spray it on every two weeks and it will do just as well.

Now things like 5-2020 will that keep it if from burning the garden?

Oh no, it’s hard to burn, it doesn’t have a lot of nitrogen, this is what I side dress with, go around to plant about four inches.

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