Festival International continues green initiative

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – With all the good food and drinks Festival International has to offer, there is also lots of trash, but thankfully festival organizers have created several way for festival goers to go-green.

Thousands are making their way around Lafayette as Festival International continues, but unfortunately, with all the commotion, there is also a lot of trash.

“We, you know, like to leave downtown Lafayette as clean or cleaner than before festival happened,” April Courville said.

Festival International Marketing Director April Courville said a few years ago festival started going green to help cut back on waste.

“We have recycling, we just want to encourage people that you can recycle your cans, your plastic bottles, you can recycle the festival cup, paper things like that.”

Recycle bins and waste bins are placed throughout out downtown, but those aren’t the only way guests can help the environment.

“Carbon emissions are saved a lot whenever you take the shuttle you’re saving a lot of vehicles coming downtown. You can carpool downtown, you can ride your bike, you can walk,” Courville suggested.

Leo Frascer offers free pedicab rides.

Frascer said bicycles are a great way to keep festival environmental friendly.

“Yea absolutely! It’s part of the reason why I love pedicabs, anything that gets more bikes on the road. I love it and want to see more of it. So if you take a petty cab ride while you’re here in the city you’ll by all means be helping the cause.”

Project Front Yard will be holding a trash mob at Parc San Succi.

A large mob of volunteers will be cleaning up trash left over from festival Friday to help get the streets ready for Saturday.

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