Food for thought at Festival International


There is something for everyone at Festival International.

Whether you’re trying something different or coming back for your favorites,
there’s no shortage of unique and flavorful food at Festival International.

If you want to try a reptile for the first time, alligator shakes is the place to go.

Alligator Shakes also has their own personal sauce, boudin balls, alligator balls, alligator sauce picante, chicken sausage, gumbo and seafood gumbo this year.

Vendors from all over are back year after year to share their food.

Word on the street, another favorite is Bon Creole Seafood’s Crawfish Spinach Bowl.

David Phillips from Bon Creoles Seafood that’s based in New Ibera says “It’s made fresh here on site, it’s got a lot of cream, a lot of cheese, things people love, crawfish spinach.”

At festival, you’ll find savory food, sweets, and of course drinks.
Don’t forget to check out the LUS Louisiana Craft Biergarten with food trucks. beer and more music.
if you’re looking for something classic, Bus Stop food truck is a place to check out for burgers and fries.

Jay Thompson one of the guys at Bus Stop Food Truck wants the public to know that food trucks are out in Lafayette. “We kind of fall off the radar, but we’re fast, we’re delicious and can use your support,” says Thompson.

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