Melville police chief, town clerk in dispute over gas purchases

MELVILLE, La. (KLFY) – Melville’s police chief claims he is unable to patrol the town because of a lack of fuel for his patrol car.

But, the town clerk explains it’s because he is misusing the vehicle.

“Why does he feel that we should continue to keep paying for gas for his personal use when he’s not even protecting the town,” said Town Clerk Andrea Pellot.

The Melville Police Chief, Anthony Moreau, reached out to KLFY saying the Town Clerk turned down his request for fuel for his unit.

“Anthony is filling up his police unit almost every other day,” said Pellot, “About $35-$40 a time. He’s putting 12 hundred miles on the police unit a week and he is never in town.”

However, Moreau admits he is concerned that without fuel, the town won’t be protected.

“For the last few days I’ve been telling them I need fuel,” he explains, “This is putting the protection of the people in jeopardy and if we have an emergency, something very bad happens, I have no way of getting to that call because I don’t have any fuel in my unit.”

Pellot said a big issue is Moreau is using the vehicle for personal reasons.

“He has been spotted by several citizens, eating at restaurants, parked on the side of the road, he’s never available to answer emergency calls and our crime rate is going up because of this.”

When News Ten asked Moreau about the accusations, he denied these claims.

“No mam, that’s not true. I had some cases and stuff I was working on, I don’t use those vehicles for my personal use.”

Pellot said she has reached out to the District Attorney as well as the Attorney General’s office about these issues.

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