Mamou residents battle flood water after severe weather over weekend

MAMOU, La. (KLFY) – Evangeline Parish was hit with some severe weather over weekend as thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes moved through the area.

In Mamou residents are stranded in their homes and battling flood waters after the storm system came through town Sunday.

“This time it actually came down in so much of a hurry the water didn’t have no place to go,” resident Ricky Deshotel said.

Sunday severe storms left residents in Evangeline Parish with flood water, downed power lines, and debris covering road ways.

“We probably got anywhere from 13-14 inches of rain in a period of three and a half four hours,” Deshotel said.

Deshotel lives off of Old Hwy 13 in Mamou.

“I heard the hail started just beating on the roof and all and my wife told me ugh Rick you better go outside and look to see if your window ain’t busted. Because it was hitting so hard, she said it sounded like someone was throwing rocks on top of the house,” Deshotel said.

Deshotel said, unlike the historic flood of 2016, the rain came with out warning.

“We wasn’t [prepared]. It happened at 3:00 in the morning. Whenever I came outside and I seen my truck was almost under, so I drove it as close to the house as I could.”

Since the downpour, Deshotel’s home is completely surrounded by flood water.

He and is family have to use a pirouge just to get out.

“We just take the boat back and forth and we go to the store. Before it went down it was over the road right here. I paddled the boat from here all the way to the store,” Deshotel said.

Deshotel said he believes the water will be sticking around for a few more days.

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