Ville Platte residents recovering from severe weather, flooding over the weekend

VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY) – Residents are still recovering from Sunday’s heavy flooding in Evangeline Parish.

The heavy rain fell early Sunday morning flooding many homes.

Flood waters spread through LaSalle Street, Main Street and many neighborhoods in and around the city.

Just yesterday, here on Main Street the water was high, almost knee deep.

And officials say around 75 homes in the have been flooded leaving residents having to pick up the pieces for the second time in just a little over 8 months.

Neighbors Randy Dardeau and Steve Powell live just a mile outside Ville Platte.

And they say their homes have never flooded. Until these past few months.

More than six inches of water flooded into Dardeau’s home. The same night after his son’s wedding.

And just across the street, Powell says two inches of water crept into his home Sunday morning.

And those two inches have done a lot of damage.

Both neighbors say they plan on speaking to city officials about draining a nearby canal.

“I kept hoping all day yesterday it was a dream. But it wasn’t. It’s pretty miserable seeing everything you have underwater like that and having to clean it out,” Dardeau said.

More rain is expected possibly later this week in the area.

Ville Platte Mayor Jennifer Vidrine says sandbags will be available for city residents tomorrow at the city barn located on Hickory Street.

Evangeline Parish residents can pick up sandbags at the Evangeline Parish Police Jury yard located at 1008 W Lasalle Street in Ville Platte.

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