How fitness technology is encouraging people to work out

Fit its, smart watches, even your phone now offers a way to track your steps.

It’s technology that is helping the world get and stay in shape.
“Fitness trackers are fantastic,” said orthopedic surgeon Brian Etier, “They’re a way of the, for the individual person to keep track of how much movement they have, how many calories they’re burning.”

The technology helps individuals track their heart rate while working out.

Owner of Bright Idea Fitness, Casey Bright, explained that when it comes to measuring your heart rate, there are five zones to pay attention to.

“It’s based off your percentage of your heart rate,” he said, “You take your age, you subtract it from 220 and that’ll get your maximum heart rate. And you want to kind of stay in zone 3 to 2. They’re fat burning and endurance zones.”

Even pro athletes are starting to invest in it.

“What we’re seeing actually in sports medicine is that there’s a trend to use these heart monitors and activity monitors in sports,” said Etier, “So, we see big colleges, we see NFL teams that use them to track people’s speed and calories burned so they have better performance.”

Whether it’s a smart watch, a fit bit, or any other form of fitness tracker, there’s no denying it’s a trend that will continue to grow throughout the fitness world.

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