Eunice residents prepare for severe weather


EUNICE, La. (KLFY) – Residents were trickling in one by one getting sandbags as they do their best to protect their homes during inclement weather.

The sandbags are were supposed to be available until 6 pm, but we spoke to Mayor Scott Fontenot, he says they’re probably going to stay a little bit later.

As long as there are sand and bags, he says they’re going to be here doing their best to assist the people of St. Landry Parish.

“We may go a little further, however long people want to come out here and volunteer, the pavilion is going to be here. As long as their sand here you can fill up some bags” Fontenot said.

Eunice Police Chief Randy Fontenot says, there’s no water on the roads just yet but they are bracing because water is building up.

Mayor Fontenot says “Normal places in Eunice that flood, low-lying areas, by the canals and gullies. Those are the ones where the water has nowhere to go. The ditches are full and they’re going into full canals.”

If you all need sandbags you can get them here at 501 Samuel St. at the Northwest Pavilion.

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