Residents react to flooded roadways in Acadia Parish: “It’s scary, it’s a scary thing”

ACADIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) – The storm system that came through Wednesday dropped a ton of water on Acadiana.

Lightning, thunder and flooded roads.

It’s a sight that Chloe Torres is all too familiar with.

After living in New Orleans during Katrina, and living in Acadiana during the historic flood, these types of storms remind her of tragic times.

“It brings back a lot of memories of the flood and just the damage,” she said, “I hope it stops, I mean we, we’ve been through enough. We can’t afford another flood.”

As the rain poured down, the Bayou Des Cannes along Fournerat Road began to flood.

It was one of many roadways underwater.

Monica Miller remembers just last year when her sister-in-law’s home was flooded and is afraid of that happening again.

“They’re now in the process of just about being finished rebuilding and refurbishing the inside of the house,” said Miller, “and now, today’s rain I’m afraid that with the water rising the way it’s been here and with more rain expected later this afternoon, I’m kind of worried that their house may flood again.”

Now, every time a storm system comes rolling through Acadiana, Miller is hoping it’s not like the devastating ones she has seen before.

“Every time we get another one of these storms, I pray that it’s small,” she said, “but, with the hail and all the water, we see all the flooding, it’s scary, it’s a scary thing.”

With all of the weather in the area, and more headed our way, the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office is urging residents to stay off the roadways.

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