Wide spread hail makes Pecan Island look like winter wonderland

PECAN ISLAND, La. (KLFY) – Siding ripped off of several camps and homes after hail and strong winds moved through Pecan Island Wednesday morning.

“We got in the center of the house and then we heard windows starting to break,” resident Eric Broussard said.

It was a scary morning for residents in Vermilion Parish.

“Then all of a sudden it just started hailing again like big stuff, like the size of small baseballs. It’s bigger than golf balls,” Broussard said.

Around 8:30 Wednesday morning heavy winds and hail pummeled Pecan Island, leaving behind a sheet of ice on the roadway.

“Oh they had hail 4-6 inches thick on the road and in the yard just ice. You try to walk it’s like an ice storm,” Broussard said.

Just a few houses down, windows shattered and siding ripped off of camps.

Larry and Kay Gaspard were at their home in Kaplan when they got a call from a neighbor.

“He said y’all should come check out your place because it hit directly on us,” Larry Gaspard said.

The Gaspards were devastated when they arrived at their camp.

“I got nervous. We took off, came here, and we found a lot of damage. There’s actually not any leaves left on the trees, and it’s just maybe a quarter of a mile stretch and it is horrible,” Gaspard said.

Hail left behind severe roof damage, broken windows, and debris.

A sight Gaspard never expected to see.

“Yeah it’s heart breaking. You know, this is our happy place that we get away to so, but thank God no body got hurt,” Kay Gaspard said.

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