With crawfish festival days away, Emily Giangreco shows us how mudbugs go from the water to your table

Crawfish is a Louisiana tradition and everyone has their own way of cooking it. News Ten’s Emily Giangreco explored just how the mudbugs get from the water to your table.

“We all know crawfish is a huge Louisiana thing so I’m here to find out how we get this little guy from the water, to your plate.”

“It can be some long days, you know, everything’s done by hand. From the field to the table, it’s all done by hand.”  And all of it starts in a crawfish pond.

“Now, I have to ask you, is that, like, taking the crawfish out of the thing, is that something I could do?.”


“Yeah? Would you be willing to have me do that?

I put on my gloves and began grabbing the traps, filled with mudbugs.

“There’s a huge one in here, look at how big that is, look at that.”

“Once you take them out you refrigerate them and you bring them to a dormin stage where it’s almost in a hibernation.”

Once the traps are empty, and sacks are full, it’s time to wash and sort the crawfish by size.

“We wash them, we grade them, we sort them, we size them.”

And then, we boil them.

Now, everyone in Louisiana has their own way of seasoning, but owner of Dwights Restaurant, Dwight Breaux says he likes to soak his crawfish in seasoned water.

“We let it soak in it anywhere from two and a half minutes to three minutes. We use a product called Louisiana Fish Fry, it’s a blend. And then we also put chinese red pepper in it.”

Once it’s seasoned, it’s ready to go!

Bon Appetite!

Reporting in Lafayette, Emily Giangreco for KLFY News Ten.

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