8 Days of Hope will be stopping in Acadiana to help August flood victims

A nonprofit organization called 8 Days of Hope is teaming up with local Acadiana organizations to help victims of the august 2016 floods.

8 Days of Hope offers assistance to those who have experienced natural disasters and need help getting their homes back to normal.
Doctor Brian Sullivan and his wife have lived in Lafayette for almost 40  ears.
They say this was the first time they experienced anything like this before.

“I’m from South Carolina originally, and I have never seen a flood like this and I’ve been through hurricanes before,” says Doctor Sullivan.

Dr. Sullivan’s home is one of the hundreds that have been approved for repair during the 8 days of hope event.
Love Acadiana, a faith-based nonprofit organization, will be hosting the event starting June 4 through the 11th.

Cindy Dilena, the Executive Director of Love Acadiana says they are expecting up to 3,000 volunteers to rebuild 300 homes in just 8 days.

The whole project is a group effort working along side other organizations like United Way, the Diocese of Acadiana, and Rebuilding Together.

“We’re really excited about the 8 days of hope, it’s going to mean that a lot of our people are going to get some help, so were helping to provide the cases to 8 days of hope,” says Jennifer Briggs, the Project Manager for United Methodist Church of Acadiana.

The homes in Acadiana that have been approved, are all within a 30-minute drive from the Cajundome.

“Right now were just going through different homes and assessing them and who needs help and how 8 days of hope can help them when they get here on June 4-11,” says Sallie Guillory, another member of Love Acadiana.

This will be the 13th project for 8 days of hope, who specialize in repairing homes damaged in natural disasters.
volunteers will help with insulation, Sheetrock, roofs, plumbing and more.

If you wish to volunteer you can find the information at LOVEACADIANA.ORG

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