August flood victims hit for the second time in Wednesday’s storms

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Much of Acadiana is dealing with the aftermath of yesterday’s storms.

Right off of Duhon Road in Lafayette, neighbors are waiting for the flood water to drain.

A neighborhood that looks more like a lake.

It’s a sight that residents are becoming all too familiar with.

“Just got to pick up the pieces again, and that’s the hard part, again,” said one resident, Jerry Duhon.

Several residents are still in the recovery process from the August flood.

“We’re still not back in our house,” said Duhon, “We’re still about two months out.”

“Right now we’re probably about a month away from being back home,” said resident Chad Carriere.

Now, they are forced to endure the same pain all over again.

“This whole subdivision as you see is like one big ole’ lake,” Duhon said while pointing to the homes around him.

“There’s a house down the road that they just got back in from their August flood, and they’ve got four to five inches of rain back in their house now.”

Chad Carrier still has dumpsters in his front yard, filled with everything destroyed back in August.

“Within hours we were just about under water. We were able to get the vehicles out and that was it.”

Then, when he saw the water begin to rise after the storm system that came through yesterday, he couldn’t help but fear the worst

“Within a matter of an hour the roads were completely covered, water was up to the house, just like it did in August.” He continued, “I mean, it happened quick. This neighborhood was just completely under, you know, it happened really fast.”

As the water continues to drain, residents are asking anyone who drives through the neighborhood to keep it slow to help prevent water from entering any more homes.

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