City of Scott hosts National Day of Prayer

SCOTT, La. (KLFY) – Every Sunday each denomination gathers at their perspective churches as an act of faith, to praise and to worship. But on the National Day of Prayer, each denomination is represented under one roof, for one purpose.



For the 26th annual National Day of Prayer in Scott, people of all ages from around the community came to pray at the Scott Event Center.



Scott Mayor Purvis Morrison says they pray for the nation, elected officials, school teachers, children, and last but not least, the community.
“We just came off of a lot of rain in August, a lot of people not even home yet. We had all this rain yesterday, thank God I think everyone was safe. Hopefully, we didn’t have too much flooding and that’s who we pray for” Morrison said.



What’s unique about National Day of Prayer is, no matter where you worship on Sunday, everyone has a chance to stand in agreement with their neighbors.
Associate Pastor at Family Life Church, Brandon Miller says, “It shows that even though we may hold services differently, we may have slight differences in belief, I think ultimately it shows we all serve the same God. We all come under the banner of the name of Jesus Christ.”



Each year the National Day of Prayer is held on the first Thursday in May.

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