Local Bed & Breakfast owners will be at the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival for 15th Year to sell their famous etoufee

One local Acadiana family has been participating in the Crawfish Festival for 15 years.

The Sonniers not only sell crawfish etouffee, but they also run a bed and breakfast down the street from the festival that welcomes guests from all over the country.

The bayou cabins bed and breakfast was the first of its kind along the Bayou Teche and has been running for almost 30 years.

“It’s a Cajun Creole gala, in honor of the beast, it dwells in murky waters but its out iconic feast its a staple of who we are, a definition of our town. Breaux Bridge is crawfish royalty and its people all wear the crown.”

This is one part of a poem about the crawfish festival written by Neal Champagne of Breaux Bridge.

Champagne also enjoys helping out Rocky Sonnier and his family each year at the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival.

The Sonniers have been vendors for 15 years and don’t have any plans to stop.

Bayou Cabin “Boudin and Cracklin’ is known for its etoufee.

“Etouffee is the french word for smothered,” says Sonnier. “For the home style recipe, you get a stick of butter, onions, pepper, garlic, saute it for 3-4 minutes, then you put your tails in, cover it and serve it over white rice.”

The Sonniers are not going to give away all of their secret ingredients, but they do cook each batch for 6 hours.

“We got a real good recipe, I believe, we sell a lot of it all over,” says Sonnier.

Not only do the Sonniers run a boudin and cracklins shop, they also run a bed and breakfast that was voted among the top 5 places to stay in the United States by National Geographic Traveler.

Bayou Cabins was the city’s first bed and breakfasts along the Bayou Teche.

“We meet people from all over the world, and we have someone that’s been coming for 23 years to the crawfish festival,” says Sonnier.

Many of the guests come from as far as Demark, Germany, and even Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Robert Self has made the drive from Katy, Texas for over 10 years specifically for the crawfish festival which is conveniently close to the cabins that are over 100 years old.

“It’s all good, the food, the people the music,” says Self.

This family owned bed and breakfast has been running since 1987, for almost as long as Baylon Sonnier has been alive.

He plans to run the business himself one day.

Baylon says  “you got to work for everything, nothing is easy, but they got it they taught us right so, I think I’m almost ready for taking over.”

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