Lafayette Marshals arrest blind woman’s neighbors in grocery store, help her finish shopping and bring her home

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – For Krystal Benoit grocery shopping usually takes several hours.

But then while shopping Thursday, and unexpected turn of events led to an even more unexpected helpful hand.

“The Marshals didn’t have to help,” she said, “but, it was great that they did. And I’m very thankful and appreciative.”

Krystal Benoit is blind.

Yesterday, two of her neighbors helped her with her grocery shopping.

While shopping, her neighbors were arrested inside the store for having outstanding warrants, the most serious charges were drunk driving and criminal trespass.

The next thing Benoit knew, the marshals offered to help her finish shopping.

“We detained the two wanted subjects but in the midst of that, they had been shopping there with a neighbor that was blind,” said Marshal Brian Pope, “So, we decided that we needed to stay with her.”

Stay with her is exactly what the marshals did.

“They offered to help me continue shopping,” said Benoit, “help me check out and offered me a ride home.”

“It was the thing to do,” explained Pope, “A lot of times people look at it that, you know, we’re just out to get people and arrest people but you know, we do our jobs but we’re also compassionate.”

Benoit couldn’t believe the marshals took time out of their day to help.

“That’s not part of their job,” she said, “They’re here to get people off the streets, they’re here to do their civic duty as far as keeping us safe. I appreciate the fact that they took the extra time before their next job to help me finish shopping.”

In fact, she said their help got her out of the store in record time.

“To tell you the truth that was the quickest shopping trip I’ve ever done. I got my whole list done in like 15 minutes. So I was very thankful. When you have two, three marshals helping you shop, it goes pretty quickly.”

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