Spoiled Pets – How much is too much?

Every now and then we all love to splurge.

New hair styles and designer bags are luxuries we all want–until we see the price tag.

But when it comes to your pets you may be surprised to find that for many there isn’t a price tag you can put on your furry friends.

That’s right, people buy, clothes, blow outs and even convertibles are just a few of the things pet owners do for their companions.

Brenda Calkins says her fluffy 85-pound golden doodle, named Bear, is the king of the house hold.

“I never could understand the BOND between pets and their owners until we got him. He actually is my youngest son,” Calkins said.

With hair appointments once a week at about $90 a pop Calkins says Bear is well worth it.

“He’s the only one that has a standing hair appointment, which is funny. I’ll go maybe once every six months to get my hair cut. That’s it.”

Spoiled Pets Spa and Boutique owner Jacey Simon says her customers don’t mind going the extra mile when it comes to their pets.

“People like to spend money on their pets so they like to find different ways to do it. But as far as spending money people don’t mind spending the money on it because it makes them feel good, they smell good, they feel good and it’s like their child,” Simon told News 10.

Simon explains anything from manicures to special treatment is a necessity for many.

“We do nails so we can file them, we can paint them. Most poodles that come in want matching nails and bows so we do that. We had one wild request that the dog wouldn’t drink water unless the dog had ice cubes, so every time she’d get a fresh water we’d pour some little ice cubes in there and she knew the drill. When the water was coming the ice cubes were coming.”

And Simon totally understands.

“Every single dog that comes in gets shampooed and conditioned. They get a full brush and blow out. So we can pretty much pamper and frou-frou anybody.””

You might be thinking “It’s just a dog. why go through all that trouble?”

“I think where I see that people splurge on spending is that they might not get their hair done so they’re going to get their dog’s hair done you know before anything. And price wise I think some people might not do things for themselves but they’re going to make it happen for their dog.” Simon said.

Jamie Parkerson’s 89-year-old mother has a dog named Mia, who is a regular at Spoiled Pets.

“When I tell you spoiled this one is rotten,” Parkerson explains.

And just like the others, Mia is the apple of her eye.

“This is the love of her life. When I walk in the door she says to the dog your sister is here.””

So when it comes to spoiling your pets why stop at a flashy collar when you can have matching manicures and pedicures?

But in the end, all they really need is plenty of love and affection.


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