Don’s restaurant owner helps family recover from tragedy

Lafayette, La. (KLFY) A restaurant owner in downtown Lafayette is doing something extraordinary to help a 37 year employee who’s family has been faced with some deep medical expenses.

Don’s Seafood owner Ashby “Rocky” Landry says he’s offering dinner for two, twice a month, for an entire year, in a raffle drawing that will be held next month.

Landry said he wants to help a employee of 37 years with medical expenses for his two daughters.

Clarence Angelle was faced with an unthinkinable tragedy several weeks ago when his two daughters were struck during a hit and run.

It happened at 3 a.n. on April 23, in the 100 block of Cypress Street in downtown Lafayette.

The driver of that vehicle, 21-year-old Nataja Portalis was later arrested and charged with two counts of attempted manslaughter.

In the aftermath of that tragedy, the medical bills have been piling up for the Angelle family.

Landry said he had to help the family who has been so good to him.

“We feel like this is a very close knit family and he’s been a loyal employee for many many years and this is my way of giving something back to him.” Landry said.

” I watch TV alot and Im thinking my daughter’s alive. Cause Im like please Lord. So when I got there the officer said calm down, she’s alive and she’s talking. And I thank God because she took a hit, I mean both of my daughters took a hit cause its like they were there for each other.  One daughter had to let go of the car because the car… well. Its a tragedy to hear your daughter.  Youre by her bedside and she’s saying daddy, daddy, daddy.  She’s alive but it still hurts me inside.

If you would like to help the Angelle family during this difficult time,  please stop by Don’s Seafood in downtown Lafayette, pay ten dollars and then enter your name in the raffle drawing that will be held next month.


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