2017 LEDA Job Fair starts Tuesday at Cajundome Convention Center

LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) – The Lafayette Economic Development Authority (LEDA) Job Fair takes place at the Cajundome Convention Center on Tuesday, May 9.  It’s Acadiana’s largest job fair where thousands of job seekers have made connections with potential employers.

The latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the State of Louisiana has a 5.7% rate of unemployment. For the past 22 years, the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) has partnered with LEDA in helping job seekers prepare for the job fair.

LWC Counselor Casey Harmon says start your resume with an abilities summary listing skills in bullet point format. Harmon says bullet points are easier to go through during a busy job fair as opposed to long paragraphs. “You don’t want to do big paragraphs. We tend to want to skim through.  Our attention spans are kind of short and we tend to want to skim.  You don’t want people skimming your resume.  If you put it in that bullet point format, it looks crisp and it looks clean.”

Harm explains that after the abilities summary your work history should be next with a ten year list limitation. “When you started, the month and year you started; and the month and year your job ended. Let’s get your work history together.  The rest of the stuff kind of falls into place,” adds Harmon.

“You don’t want any typos.  You don’t want any misspellings.  Those kind of things you don’t want in your resume,” notes LWC Local Area Coordinator Christina Johnstone.

Johnstone agrees resumes should be clear and concise with key words tied into the job your are seeking. “Go look at the skill sets needed in that job specifically and then in your resume list those kind of word; when an employer is searching through the resume those words jump out because that’s exactly what they are needing for the position.”

Johnstone says remember job fairs tend to have a wide range of employers. Keep the resume tailored to the job you want. “It’s not that you have one resume that fits everything.  That doesn’t work.  We need it to be targeted and key to each specific job,” states Johnstone.

The LEDA Job Fair is from 9am to 2pm on Tuesday, May 9.


Click here for more information about the event.

To preregister for the event click here.

For a list of participating organizations and booth layout click here

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