Dial Dalfred: Louisiana Lottery Scratch-offs


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Louisiana Lottery Corporation has been in existence since the early 90’s, and many people right here in Acadiana have been playing since day one, hoping to hit it big.

But how do you know you’re not buying a ticket where the jackpot has already been won?

Louisiana Lottery, the maker and breaker of dreams, including mine. Every player hopes their next scratch off is the one that triggers retirement.

But here in Louisiana, lottery retailers are not required to let you know if the jackpot has already been won. So, how can players find out if they’re buying a ticket that could be worthless?

Thousands of people play the lottery every single day, most of them just hoping the catch a lucky break.

Paul Harris of Lafayette said, “That’s just a chance you taking.” “Luck of the Irish, I guess” Terald Landry said.

Others, leave it up to the cashier to pick their scratch offs. “Last time he gave me a ticket, it was 50 bucks!” Ernest Mouton told us after cashing in a winning ticket.

No matter the method or strategies of the players, you either win, or you lose.

But you may be able to make a better decision next time you play. Louisiana Lottery Communications Director, Kimberly Chopin says playing the lottery is absolutely a game of chance.

But if you visit the Louisiana Lottery website, you can learn a lot about each game.

“A list of the prize tiers for those games, how many of each individual prize are in the game, the odds of winning the prize, the total amount of prizes in the game and how many of those have actually been claimed” Chopin explained.

In some states, retailers have to post on the numbered ticket box that the jackpot has been won. Not in Louisiana. Chopin says that’s not required by the state legislature; there’s another option.

“We send out a ‘forced terminal message’ to all of our retailers throughout the state, letting them know that the top prize has been claimed, that last one and they need to go ahead and pull those games from being sold.”

Chopin says the website is updated every hour. Next time you choose to test our luck, do a little research, that way you have a better idea of where to set your hopes.

If there’s an ongoing issue in your neighborhood or community, or you simply have questions that need answers, Dial Dalfred at 262-0868.

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