Lake Arthur still in need of sandbags as Mermentau Basin crests

LAKE ARTHUR, La. (KLFY) – Residents in Lake Arthur are still dealing with the aftermath of last week’s storm system.

Nine months ago sandbags were the only thing keeping the town from being completely underwater.

Now, after last week’s storm system they’re in that same position once again.

“The entrance way to my warf, underwater,” said resident Jackie Stevens as she points out to her property, “I have a deck out there that extends into the lake, it’s completely underwater.”

It’s a sight that residents are becoming all too familiar with

“It’s supposed to be a 100-year flood but it’s happening more than often,” said Stevens.

The storm system that came through last week dropped a large amount of rain on the town, causing the lake to once again overflow.

“Every time we get one of these torrential rains or rainfall events the lake itself comes up extremely fast and it goes down extremely slow,” said Mayor Robert Bertrand.

When Stevens noticed the water beginning to rise, she acted immediately.

“Before the town could get here to set the pumps up, I went over there and shut the valve, because it was backing up into the yard.”

Mayor Bertrand said it’s a drainage problem coming from the Mermentau Basin, and he hopes that it will soon be fixed.

“There’s something about the limitations on the Mermentau Basin draining quickly to the Gulf of Mexico that has slowed,” he said, “It creates greater risk for everybody on the Mermentau Basin. I would hope that those in power higher than us can do a good study of the overall problem and find a solution for it”

Until then, sandbags are saving the community from being underwater.

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