What happens to your social media accounts when you die?

LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY)-One of the last things a family member may think about when a loved one passes away is whether or not to close the social media sites of the deceased.

“Most of these servers you don’t own and you just borrow; it’s up to them if they want to keep it up or delete it.” Patrick Lebauve, client strategy manager at The Daily Advertiser said.

There are over 2.5 billion social media users worldwide…and the numbers continue to rise. As the numbers of social media users continue to grow, so does the number of those users who will pass away.

“Everybody is putting their whole life on social media sites especially postmortem”, Lebauve said

Kevin Brock passed away at the age of 34 in December of 2012. His brother Charles and his family decided to keep his Facebook page active for a number of reasons.

“It still makes us feel like we are still apart of his life and he is a part of our life. You get to see he was a living person with pictures and videos. It is nice to see we have this connection with him like a photo album or a diary,” Charles said.

Identity theft is another topic that comes up with the deceased social media pages. Charles Brock said he has never worried about it when it came to his brother’s Facebook page.

“I log into his page quite often. It’s never been an issue with me. If there was ever an issue like that I feel like I would be on top of that.”

Most sites including Facebook and Twitter have policies that relate to death.

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