Grand Theater shooting survivor speaks out on constitutional carry measure

Cissy Rowly, a survivor in The Grand Theater shooting, traveled to Baton Rouge and spoke out against a bill that would have let people carry a concealed gun without a permit.

“More guns on the street and more people armed does not equal a safer society. In fact, the more guns the state has, the looser their gun laws are, the more likely the citizens are to be a victim of crime, “Rowly said.

Representative Barry Ivey brought the bill before the criminal justice committee this morning.

The panel voted eight to five against the “constitutional carry measure”.

“I believe that this is a fundamental right as an American citizen, and so, because of that, it’s just an issue that I’ll bring up every year,” Ivey said.

Ivey has brought a similar bill to the committee in previous sessions.

He says he plans to do it again next year as well.

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