SOFTBALL MIRACLE – Determined Catholic High athlete bounces back after devastating injury

Sometimes in sports… The unexpected happens.

For one high school softball player in New Iberia, that’s the case.

Kathryn Gonsoulin plays first base for the catholic New Iberia softball team…

The 18 year old senior leads the team as an all-district, all state caliber performer.

Her success on the diamond, impressive… her story off the field, darn near improbable.

In her sophomore season, as she climbed out of her boyfriend’s truck, he accidentally rolled over her foot.

“I was behind the tire, and he rolled over my foot… split in half,” Gonsoulin said.

Her boyfriend gathered her into his truck and rushed her to the hospital.

“Everyone just kept calling everyone. And no one could get in touch with anyone… we tried calling my mom but she was working… no one would answer,” Gonsoulin recalled.

Eventually, her whole family arrived to meet Kathryn at the hospital

“The first thing I did was go right over to him, and I said, I don’t know what happen, I don’t know the details, but I do know this… I do know it was an accident,” Michelle Gonsoulin, Kathryn’s mother said.

Doctors at the hospital saw just one way to help Gonsoulin.

“My initial thought was we are probably going to have to amputate below the knee, “orthopedic doctor Seth Rosenzweig explained.

Rosenzweig was in surgery when he got the call about Gonsoulin’s injury. He arrived within 30 minutes and began assessing the severity of her foot.

Because of the possible infections, it was urgent to quickly treat Kathryn’s leg.

After nearly 20 surgeries on her foot, Rosenzweig, fortunately, didn’t have to amputate on Gonsoulin’s foot.

Kathryn went on to star for the Lady Panthers… leading them to the state championship tournament in Sulphur.

“I felt really blessed, especially since everyone said you weren’t going to have a foot, you’re not going to play softball… you’re not going to be able to walk again. I just felt like, with everyone praying for me, with the power of prayer, just always thinking positive… it got me through it,” Gonsoulin said.

For now, Gonsoulin will not have to have any surgeries in the near future.

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