NASJ, Campaign Zero issue demands after the DOJ’s investigation into Alton Sterling’s death

BATON ROUGE, LA (LOCAL 33) (FOX 44) – “So, I say to the powers at be in this city that we’re tired. That we’re formulating plans on how to take your foot off our neck,” said Reverend Reginald Pitcher.

Rev. Pitcher of the National Alliance of Social Justice is demanding accountability and transparency after the U.S. Department of Justice’s decision in Alton Sterling’s death. Now, that investigation is in the hands on the state attorney general’s office.

“He should have the case, and he should be communicating with us to what extent he has moved forward in addressing the issues that we have. We haven’t heard anything from the attorney general,” said Rev. Pitcher.

The NASJ came together with Samuel Sinyangwe, the co-founder of Campaign Zero, a national organization which aims to end police violence.

“The information I’m about to present to you was collected based on the video evidence that is available of the Alton Sterling case as well as information from the police department in terms of their internal affairs records,” said Sinyangwe. “In our analysis, we have concluded that Officer Salamoni violated department policies on three occasions, and as a consequence, he should be terminated immediately from the department.”

The organizations are also demanding the termination of BRPD Chief Carl Dabadie and Officer Howie Lake II, as well as the appointment of a special prosecutor by the Attorney General.

“If that does not happen, then the community will have to do whatever they need to do,” concluded Rev. Pitcher.

In the most recent statement released by the Louisiana’s Attorney General’s Office, the AG is still waiting on the DOJ to hand over all the evidence, in this case, to continue with the investigation.

The NASJ is also calling for AG Jeff Landry to conduct a public meeting with city and community leaders, a permanent state Special Prosecutor’s Office, an establishment of a Police Commission and Civilian Complaints Office, establishment of an officer Bias-Awareness Training Program and immediate reporting protocols of police misconduct and use of deadly force.

If you would like to see Campaign Zero’s findings, click here.

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