Confederate monuments coming down; the public and elected officials react

La. (KLFY)- The removal of monuments around Louisiana representing Confederate soldiers, like General Alfred Mouton downtown Lafayette, have made news headlines in recent months, sparking protests around the state as people argue what the statues truly stand for.

Just last Thursday, the Jefferson Davis statue was taken down in New Orleans.

A woman who only wants to go by Jenna, is marching around the statue of General P.G.T. Beauregard, as it’s next on the list to be removed.

Jenna said, “This is a memorial in honor of the people who were left on battlefields from across this country. They’re memorials, not monuments.”
Memorials, maybe, but to Reverend Raymond Brown, these memorials represent white supremacy in America.

Brown says the statues don’t belong in plain site, a museum seems like a better option.
“We’re trying to put the past behind us, but you can’t have an image of the past if you want to get the past behind you” Brown said.
As more statutes are slated to come down in New Orleans the near future, a bill passed the House floor on Monday that would ban the removal of confederate monuments, and leave it up to a vote by Louisiana residents.

Kenneth Sutton, who refers to himself as a confederate enthusiast says, “Why wouldn’t they just let the people speak? That’s what democracy is, isn’t that what we all are Americans for?”

Also jumping on the bandwagon to protect the monuments is Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser. Nungesser says part of his job is historical preservation, so he petitioned Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office to look into legal action to stop the monuments from being taken down.

Nungesser said, “We did ask him to file on behalf of us if he thought there was any merit to the suit.”

The Lieutenant Governor says he’s hopeful the bill will make it through legislation, and leave the decision up to the people.

We reached out to Attorney General Jeff Landry to find out if he would be building a case to “save” the monuments, he said he would not comment on the topic.

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