4 car burglary suspects arrested after taking Youngsville police on high-speed pursuit

YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) –  Four Lafayette teenagers are in custody after a rash of vehicle burglaries in Youngsville and a high-speed chase through Lafayette Parish.

Youngsville police arrested 18-year-old Arthella Andrus, III, 19-year-old Trevan Edmond, 17-year-old Jacoby Goodie, and a 16-year-old on multiple charges.

Officers are still looking for one other teen suspect.

The burglaries happened in the Meadows Bend subdivision and Copper Meadows subdivision in Youngsville.

Authorities said the teenagers pulled on car doors to see if they’re unlocked early this morning seeing if they could find anything they could like tools and spare change.

One resident, Bryan Ebeling, said he didn’t realize his car was burglarized until he looked back at the surveillance footage.

Ebeling said the burglary happened around 2 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Youngsville police arrived at the scene at 3 a.m.

That’s when the five suspects fled in their two stolen vehicles.

“He didn’t take much but it’s just the fact that someone went inside your vehicle while you’re sleeping. It’s a little unsettling, “Ebeling said. The teens only took a pocket tool from Ebeling’s vehicle.

Multiple agencies assisted in a high-speed chase of the teenagers into Lafayette.

Youngsville police chief Rickey Boudreaux said, “It’s a unique time in Lafayette Parish where we all work together. “

The vehicles eventually crashed in Lafayette near I-10 and University Avenue.

The suspects attempted to flee on foot.

Four of the teenagers were taken into custody while another one got away.

Boudreaux said that all of the vehicles were unlocked.

“Yes it was unlocked and no it’s normally not unlocked but of course the one time I leave it unlocked somebody gets in,” Ebeling said.

“There’s cameras about every other house in Youngsville you’re going to get caught.  Somebody’s going to see you, somebody’s going to hear you. You’re going to get caught. Don’t come here,” Boudreaux warned.

“Lock your cars. I understand the philosophy to a certain point, it’s my property I shouldn’t have to lock my car but we live in a whole different time, “Boudreaux advised.

Boudreaux added that so far they’ve had around five or six residents report vehicle burglaries in Youngsville and authorities expect more.

Currently, the case remains under investigation.

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