Lawn Weeds

Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about this time of the year that means weeds and they’re growing everywhere just overnight it seems like but John, what can we do about it?

Well you want to start spraying before it gets 90 degrees or over on some of these chemicals, some of them you can use when it’s that temperature. But we have different mixes here, this first one here is atrazine and we also have the weed zone. A lot of people mix the products together to get a large variety of weeds. But remember, read the label or ask us. It can be used on certain lawns except Bermuda. Just ask us and we know which ones can be used. If you have St. Augustine, we know what you can use. Also we have this product right here, this Image which works real well, and it can be used in the hotter weather. You can even spray this in flower beds. Say if you had mondo grass and you want to kill certain weeds in it you can use this, for dollar weed and stuff like that. Works great on dollar weed in your lawn, a lot of people have dollar weed so I would use that product. We also have this Top Shot, which is for the lawn this will cover about 5000 square feet total. Not expensive and gets rid of the Virginia button weed very well. Now we also have this one right here more for the commercial size, same product, but with this one you can cover an acre or so. A lot of people have larger lawns. At the same time you’re playing with your lawn right now, most people are fighting ants. So the best commercial product out there is Talstar. It’s in a sand, so it’s good when you go spread it, it falls to the bottom, you don’t see it, so nothing for anybody to pick up, know you to identify, like children or anything like that so it’s a real nice product.

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