Local residents react to confederate monuments debate

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – As the debate continues around the state, residents in the hub city have mixed feelings about whether or not to remove confederate monuments here.

A monument of General Jean Alfred Mouton is standing at the corner of Jefferson Street and Lee Avenue in downtown Lafayette.

“I think they definitely should be removed,” a resident said.

“You know I think the monuments deserve to stand up,” another resident said.

In New Orleans two out of the four confederate monuments have been removed.

Here in Lafayette, a confederate statue of General Alfred Mouton stands.

“It’s our history and it shouldn’t be erased, but it should be placed in a better place where we can go and know that this is history and that this isn’t all that we have to offer as a city,” resident Kaitlin Fontenot said.

“I think that they are fully just a history monument,” resident Sydni Smith said.

The monument honors confederate solider General Jean Alfred Mouton and was erected in 1922.

“I’ve been in this area millions of times, but until you really think like oh this is the monument I’m talking about, you’re like oh that’s not cool,” Fontenot said.

Fontenot said she thinks the monument reminds some people of what her ancestors went through.

“I’m not personally like that offended to where I’d want it down like right this second, but there are people who do feel like that. And there are people who stuff has happened to in the past and that is still very heavy on their heart even today. So why let them continue to hurt?”

Resident Sydni Smith said she thinks the statue represents the city’s past and should remain.

“I personally don’t see any race in the monuments at all. All I see is our history and where we came from and look at how far we’ve come.”

A local group called Move the Mind Set meets weekly to discuss efforts to remove the statue.

However as of now, there has not been any further legal discussions by the council to remove the monument in Lafayette.


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