Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus speaks out following House approval of House Bill 71

BATON ROUGE, La. (KLFY) – As the House of Representatives passed a bill that would stop the removal of confederate monuments, the Louisiana legislative Black Caucus held a press conference to voice their concern about the passing of a bill the caucus says turns back the clock on race relations in Louisiana.

In the rotunda of the rotunda of the State Capital, the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus Chairman, Joseph Bouie Jr. spoke on behalf of the caucus.

“This bill is nothing but a Trojan horse designed to supersede the decision-making authority of local municipalities regarding use of public space”, Bouie said.

House Bill 71 would ban the removal of confederate monuments, and leave the decision on whether the monuments stay or go up to Louisiana residents.

District 96 Representative, Terry Landry says, “I’m really disappointed that this bill was brought and makes a bigger divide in our community especially in the legislature when we should be working on trying to solve some of those issues that hold to the quality of life for all of our citizens.”

Representative Vincent Pierre of District 44 says aside from the bill, there are much more pressing matters that need attention.

“Healthcare, education, prison reform are just some of the things. I think to tie up and for us to have to deal with those kinds of things (HB71) is unfortunate.”

The Senate will likely to send the bill to a committee for debate before it reaches the senate floor in coming weeks.

After walking out of Monday’s session following the passing of House Bill 71, caucus chairman Bouie says they are now ready to get back to the work of the people.

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