Local residents not happy about possible gas tax increase


Tuesday, the Louisiana House Ways and Means Committee approved a bill that would raise the state gas tax 17 cents per gallon.
And many residents are not happy about it.

“It’s ridiculous and I think it should not happen,” a resident said.

The tax increase would generate about 510 million dollars annually.

The money generated would be used to improve roads and bridges around the state.

Something Louisiana DOTD Secretary Shawn Wilson said is long overdue.

“When you look at the SEC states, we put more on our football fields than we do on our roads.”

But local residents aren’t buying it.

“I kind of find it kind of absurd due to the fact that we all know in Louisiana that taxes for roads doesn’t really go on the roads itself. Because as we look around, potholes in the street all kinds of debris,” Jared Johnson said.

“They emphasize infrastructure so much, but we drive down the street and the roads are still horrible,” Andreanna Pierson added.

Pierson said raising the gas tax would put more pressure on residents.

“It takes like $30.00 to fill up my car on a $1.98. With 17 cents added it might end up being $40.00.”

Pierson said she hopes lawmakers reconsider.

“Yea our roads are bad, in some areas very bad, and they should be fixed but gas prices should not be raised. there’s never really an exact receipt of where our money goes.”

The bill passed with a 9-7 vote and will now head to the full house for approval.

If passed, the final decision would then be made by the senate.

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