Trash service to be suspended for 4,000 in unincorporated Lafayette Parish due to past due accounts

LAFAYETTE PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Republic Services are in the process of suspending service to 4,000 trash collection customers because of failure to pay.

Lafayette Consolidated Government says the suspensions started today.

According to LCG, the affected customers received at minimum four notices requesting payment.

LCG says for those who have yet to pay be aware further enforcement actions will be implemented.

Those actions, at the most extreme, could include jail time, criminal fines, or both.

“Many other steps we would hope to get to before that would even be a possibility,” LCG Chief Communications Officer Cydra Wingerter said.

LCG says everyone just about loses out when customers fail to pay.

The parish government receives an estimated $3 environmental assessment fee for each account.

LCG’S says that’s about $186,000 missing from LCG’s annual budget.

For Republic, the financial loss is calculated to exceed one million.

“We all know that the parish budget is in dire need and that’s a pretty significant amount of money when you are talking about a budget that’s really scraping,” Wingerter said.

By local ordinance, solid waste disposal is a requirement for all residents.

She says if the household waste is not being managed curbside, then chances are it’s being dealt with in another way, such as illegal dumping or burning.

“It is the law and number two it’s an issue of public health and welfare.” Wingerter said.

LCG is named as the enforcement agency in these matters.

They say, according to law, the failure to resolve notices of delinquency could also involve the imposing of fines, a lien on property or civil cause action to recover actual damages.

“If people understand the convenience the cost savings from having the curbside collections versus these terrible penalties and fines and imprisonment it’s a no-brainer,” Wingerter said.

So the way to resolve past due accounts through Republic Services.

LCG says for those who are past due 90 days or more.  You will need to pay the 90 days.

If less than 90 days just pay the past due amount.

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