Youngsville residents concerned about drainage

YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) – Youngsville city officials said they have major drainage projects in the works. However, residents said they aren’t seeing much action.

The city council recently approved a plan to create drainage structures in existing ponds in the La Villa and Highland Ridge neighborhoods. According to residents, there’s a drainage problem all over the city.

“Every time it rains it floods,” Zachery LaCroix said, Youngsville resident.

“Anytime we just have a downpour the streets are covered with water,” Amanda Knighten said, Youngsville resident.

With hurricane season approaching and recent heavy rains, residents said they can usually expect Youngsville to flood.

“Maybe they should try and dig out the ditches a little more, more often, have a little more city funding coming in to where we can fix this issue faster,” Adam Edwards said, who works in Youngsville.

Mayor Ken Ritter said the city has been working tirelessly on it.

“Our focus has remained on drainage since the August flood event. There’s not a day goes by where it’s not a top concern of mine and it’s also of our city council’s {concern},” Ritter said.

In fact, Ritter said the bigger drainage projects are all laid out in the city’s master plan. They just need funding.

“I think it’s evidence by our commitment by raising development standards and the aggressive work we’re doing in cleaning our drainage channels that drain the city of Youngsville,” Ritter said.

Residents say more ditches need to be cleared.

“I feel like something has to be done for the infrastructure. And the more homes that are built, the more problems we have,” Knighten said.

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