2017 Medic of the Year Luncheon recognizes two from Mississippi.

Lafayette, La. (KLFY) – The  2017 Medic of the Year Luncheon brings awareness to hard working individuals that shine at their job and in the community.
The luncheon and award ceremony is going over 25 years strong.

Award winners EMT Tyler Niblett and Paramedic Coty Peardon,
consider each other brothers after a year and half of saving lives together.

The two are being recognized for their hard and dedication as part of Acadian Ambulances’ Mississippi branch.
EMT Tyler Niblett experienced a great loss at a young age which he used as motivation to get to where he is today and the recognition as emt of the year.

“The reason I wear this uniform and that I am an EMT and moving on to be a paramedic is for my father,” says Niblett.

Niblett lost his father to cancer 6 years ago.

Tyler says he got the day the paramedics showed up when his father collapsed.  “That is the relief I like to give families” says Niblett.

” I wouldn’t be here today, its that drive to always live up to his example that makes me want to excel in my career and keep moving up and having opportunities like these””

Niblett’s mother recently joined Acadian Ambluence as an EMT too and will be her son as they both train to become paramedics.

The annual award ceremony featured EMTs, paramedics and family from all over.
The guest speaker was former NFL player, college football coach, sports analyst Bill Curry.

Paramedic Coty Peardon has been living his dream as a paramedic for over 10 years and has been part of the Acadian Ambulance family for over a year of that.

“I try to treat everyone as if they’re my family,” says Peardon.  “In our department we all are, every single one of us are brothers and sisters.

I always try to always great everyone with a smile and help out whenever I can.””

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