Iberia Parish launches new Crime Stoppers Program

NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) – The recent New Iberia Crime Symposium gave officials and residents a chance to talk about ways to reduce crime in the area.

Just this year, officials say there have been 2 homicides, 20 shootings, and 491 burglaries.

One of those tactics, that has already been in place, is the new Crime Stoppers program.

“The Crime Stoppers program gives people a way to give information about crimes, but they remain anonymous,” Public Information Officer Captain Wendell Raborn.

remaining anonymous is something Captain Raborn believes will help residents feel more comfortable about communicating with law enforcement.

“Our community has many, many unsolved crimes and it continues today,” he explained, “and that gives them a way to call in and say ‘I saw such and such, do this’ and they don’t have to really be involved or have their names out there.”

New Iberia resident Donavon Davis was once a drug dealer.

He knows why residents don’t come forward to report crimes and believes this new Crime Stopper program will help with that.

“That’ll help because people are scared,” he said, “This in place, that’s just one element or one solution to a myriad of problems in our community.”

To contact the Iberia Parish Crime Stoppers call 364- TIPS.

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