Prep your roof before Hurricane Season chimes in


If you feel like your roof is aging and you noticed a lot of granules on the ground because of the recent hail storm, then it’s time to get your roof checked out before hurricane season kicks in.

As spring storms fade, we enter another weather pattern that’s influenced by the tropics during the months of June through November, Hurricane Season.
Preparation is always key especially for the exterior of your home, starting with the roof.

“Preventative maintenance is very important,” says Billy Savely, Sr. from Lafayette Roofing & General Contractor. Savely points out that there are a lot of old roofs that could use some fixing up in Acadiana.

“The last hurricane that hit was in 2002, that was Hurricane Lily,” says Savely.  “Roofs have not been changed since then and we’ve had recent hailstorms so a lot of roofs are taking a beating.”

The recent hail storm and strong winds all impact roof tops especially on older homes.

“So if the seals are broken even during a small wind, the seals can actually pick up and lift off and tear off,” says Savely. This is why it is very important before hurricane season to get that inspected.

Savely says if there is minor damage on a few shingles and if you are in good physical shape to get on your roof, you can always use adhesives on the lose shingles.

Billy also says if you can’t get on the roof, to call a local contractor. “It’s very important to call someone that can actually do the work for you.”

Savely also suggests checking out the attic to see if there’s light coming through the roof.
If there is, that means something is wrong.

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