State Police Superintendent talks about impact of $23 million budget cut

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Louisiana State Police Superintendent Colonel Kevin Reeves testified before a Senate Finance Committee on Monday.  Colonel Reeves helped explain that a budget cut of $18.5 million would create challenges for the agency.  There would be staffing concerns statewide including the French Quarter detail.

Resident Barbara Veillon calls the pending budget reduction for state police terrible. Veillon says she doesn’t have the solution on what legislators can do, but she offers this thought. “You know if you take away from someone else then they suffer,” says Veillion.

Veillon says what she doesn’t want to see is the elimination of law enforcement that’s already in place. State police haven’t talked about job cuts but rather cutting back on filling vacant positions. “I definitely don’t think that we need to cut our people who are here trying to protect us,” adds Veillon.

State police explain the budget concerns don’t end with staffing needs. There would be a backlog of motor vehicles and in conceal carry paperwork.

Nick Dinger of Morgan City suggests state lawmakers practice more efficient spending habits. “Actually take a look at where all their money is going and figure it out from there.  Instead of cutting funding or raising taxes or doing stuff like that,” states Dinger.

Also, state police finance says there’s a cadet class schedule for next year.  If there’s a budget reduction of $18.5 million, that class would likely be canceled.  The total proposed reduction for state police is estimated at $23 million.

The legislative session is scheduled to end June 8.

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