Items you’ll need to survive 72 hours after Hurricane hits.

St. MARTIN PARISH, La. (KLFY)- Hurricane season starts one week from today.

Homeowners who choose not to evacuate during a hurricane can put themselves at risk.
Having a plan and several essentials in your home could also keep you alive if the worst were to happen.

Even though Acadiana hasn’t experienced a hurricane or a tropical storm over several years, it’s still important to be prepared.
Whatever your plan may be, having an idea what to do if a hurricane hits can save your life.

Lt. Col. Terry Guidry with St. Martin Emergency Preparedness says there are several things you’ll want to keep in your home.

“Water, batteries, non-perishable foods,” says Guidry. “Whatever you can do to sustain yourself for the first 72 hours.”

Pre-storm preparation will help with whatever the post-storm outcome may be.
If you chose not to evacuate, keep your hurricane prep essentials in an attainable location in your home so that you’ll be able to find if the power goes out for 3 days or more.

“If you’re on any medication, you want to make sure you have plenty of medication if you have to take to the road if you’re asked to evacuate, plenty of fuel in your car gas up,” suggests Guidry.

Knowing your evacuation route is also part of the prep if a mandatory evacuation is issued.
Bringing along important documents and taking photos of your property for insurance purposes are important too.

Calvin LaGrange is the manager at Breaux Bridge Hardware. He says he takes care of the outside of his home as part of his prep.
“Pick up around the yard, make sure none of that debris can fly around, break windows, and damage things,” says LaGrange.

Some other items to keep in a hurricane kit are cleaning supplies like bleach and paper towels, first aid supplies like bandages, and water.

Hygiene items toothbrushes and toothpaste are good to have around as well.


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