Some Lafayette Parish residents still in recovery mode 9 months after flood

In some neighborhoods, the scene hasn’t changed much following the historic August flood of last year. Piles of trash still line the streets along several houses in Lafayette Parish 9 months since the flood, and many residents are still not back home.

“I lived in a hotel for five months,” Peggy Goodman said.

Goodman now lives in a FEMA trailer on her property.

She says most of the repairs in her home are complete but, she is still without flooring.

Peggy says renovations have been going well. In large part due to the generosity of Our Saviors Church, The Mennonites and 8 days of Hope.

“We’re so thankful that they’ve done that.”

Just behind Peggy’s house, Mary Crupe says her entire neighborhood got at least three feet of water.

Crupe says “everything downstairs was damaged, from floors to sheetrock, to everything.”

She, too, also got assistance from volunteers.

“They’re going to be bringing me, I’m hoping, cabinets and floors because we don’t have that yet, we’re kind of just living around it.”

Although Crupe’s home isn’t quite back to normal, Mary says the giving spirit of complete strangers has given her hope.
“The flood was overwhelming, but the help is overwhelming in the opposite.”

The next 8 days of Hope event will begin on June 4th and last until the 11th.

The organization is expecting nearly 3000 volunteers to help rebuild 300 flood damaged home.

If you’re interested in volunteering, you can register at

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