To-go cups officially against the law after midnight

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – This weekend will be the first weekend that three popular nightlife spots in Lafayette will no longer be allowed to hand out to-go cups after midnight.

“All the businesses, the bars, and restaurants in the downtown district, the Simcoe corridor as well as McKinley street are going to be affected by this new ordinance,” said Public Information Officer Karl Ratcliff

The alcohol ordinance was recently passed by the Lafayette City-Parish Council.

It will officially become law Friday.

Jefferson Street Pub Owner Gus Rezende knows his staff is prepared for the new rules.

“Everyday training is part of our management to make sure that they understand,” he explained, “Our door workers, our floaters, our security guys to understand that there is going to be some growing pains but it’s just a matter of us educating our staff which means we’re going to educate the customers. Go cups won’t be allowed after midnight.”

But, it doesn’t just apply to the businesses.

Those who are caught outside after midnight with a to-go cup could face some consequences.

“The bar or restaurant owners could face penalties in the way of fines and up and to having their permits revoked where they can’t serve alcohol for a ceratin number of days,” said Officer Ratcliff. “The patrons who leave with it are subject to fines as well to be issued Summons or jail time all the way depending on the circumstances.”

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