Lafayette police crack down on car burglaries

Photo Credit: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Lafayette police are using new techniques, they hope will catch car burglars in the act.
Corporal Karl Ratcliff said police are placing surveillance vehicles with cameras in them all over Lafayette to catch suspects as they’re burglarizing the vehicle.

“We’ll have cars that will be left unlocked and there will be surveillance equipment inside,” Ratcliff said.

Ratcliff said car burglaries are a pretty significant crime in the city with dozens and dozens reported each week. Police said burglars often take purses, phones, tools and even guns out of unlocked cars.

“I typically leave my wallet in my car which I’m starting not to,” Jamol Wheatley said, Lafayette resident.
“I never leave my purse in the car. I’ll leave one in the trunk if I must but I never leave my purse in the car,” Deidre Frank said, Lafayette resident.

Police did not share the locations of their surveillance cars or how many they’re putting out. They said car burglaries are happening all over the city and residents need to be aware.

“I always lock my door. I never not lock my door. If I’m asleep and I think my door is unlocked I’ll wake up and go click click to make sure that it is locked,” Frank said.

“This is a crime of opportunity. Thieves will go and pull on a door handle. If is open they will go inside. If it’s not they’ll usually move on,” Ratcliff said.

Lafayette resident Jamol Wheatley said someone burglarized his car a few years ago, stealing his radio.

“I think I did leave it unlocked. Like nothing was broken, anything like that. My back door was unlocked,” Wheatley said.

According to police, the best way to combat burglaries is to make sure the car is locked.

“We want to protect your property but we want you to meet us halfway and help to protect your property as well by locking it up and keeping expensive items out of view of thieves,” Ratcliff said.


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