End of an era: Acadiana’s flurry of restaurant closures includes soul food favorite Country Cuisine

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – It’s no surprise, the decline in the oil and gas industry has impacted the Acadiana region heavily over the past year. Now we’re seeing the effect in our local eateries.

At its peak in 2008, crude oil prices reached $156 a barrel. Over the past three years, prices have lingered around 50 bucks per barrel;  which triggered more than 40,000 layoffs at oil and gas giants in they area.

Some of them were customers at country cuisine.

“During lunchtime we would have a lot of the service industry people come in, a lot of the account executives would come in and over the last few years we’ve seen that dwindle off a little bit” said Country Cuisine Manager, Chris Williams.

The family owned  and operated restaurant has been in business since the 80’s and has now decided to close its doors.

Chris Williams says, “It’s time to close this chapter and begin some new endeavors and we’re just happy to have been in the community for 31 years.”

Rita Williams is the wife of late country cousine co-founder Roy Williams, and she worked at the restaurant throughout its existence.

Ms. Rita says she enjoyed the ride, and is confident the next chapter will be promising.

“It’s kind of sweet and sour, you know? Because I don’t know what we’re going into, we’ve been here so many years. This will be a whole life change but we’ll be okay. We’ll be okay” Williams said.

The Williams family and employees will host a retirement party for Miss Rita right here at country cuisine this Sunday at 4 PM.






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