Teens set vending machine on fire outside fire station in St. Mary Parish

(Jeanerette Fire Dept.)

SORRELL, La. (KLFY) The search is on for six juveniles in the Sorrell area of St. Mary Parish who were allegedly caught on a surveillance camera setting fire to a vending machine at a fire station.

According to St. Mary Parish Fire District 11 Fire Chief Clarence Clark, over the weekend, six juveniles were seen walking to the fire substation and setting an RC Cola vending machine on fire.

Clark said the camera showed that at or around 1:20 Saturday morning they all left the fire station walking towards Hwy 182.

In the video, Clark said, one suspect is seen covering the surveillance camera with a 2 x 4 piece of wood, which he says, later fell off.

Clark said vending machines are made from plastic and metal and that pouring gasoline or lighter fluid onto them and then striking a match could have resulted in a large explosion.

The St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Dept. has taken over the investigation and Clark said the suspects will face the maximum penalty allowed by law.






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