Google hosts small business development seminar at LITE Center


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Billions of searches are done each day, and the sole purpose of the development seminar is to make sure that those people searching can easily find small businesess online.



The numbers show that businesses that utilize the Internet grow two times as fast as their offline counterparts.


Business owners from around Acadiana flocked to the LITE Center Thursday in hopes of expanding their brands, as they learned how to use the internet during the Google Small Business Development Seminar. 



Malik Earl, who owns a cell phones repair shop says, “I’m actually already on Google but there’s a lot that I don’t know, so I’m just trying to fill in those gaps of the things that I don’t know.”



Research has shown 50% of small businesses do not have an online presence. Google representative, Nick Pearson says they chose to educate the business owners of Lafayette because of the city’s growth and pro-business mindset. 




“We’re here to show folks the tools that are necessary to get online, to make sure that their consumers actually know what they offer and to spread the use of small businesses,” Pearson said.


Senator Bill Cassidy, a small business advocate, attended the seminar and said as the marketplace grows online, local business owners will have a chance to expand.



“We want them to be successful. Because if they are successful, they will employ thousands of us. As we are better employed, we pay more taxes, there’s more prosperity, that’s the way markets work, we are all about that online market” Cassidy said.



According to Angella Catalon, who runs a small farm with her husband, the seminar was affective. 



Catalon says, “Partnering with small business development is really a great tool. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a product that they would like to get out into the Acadiana area.”



If you missed Thursday’s seminar, you can get more information on how to get your business online, at 

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