Former councilman suing Iberia Parish Sheriff


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal’s name is being brought up in legal documents once again.
8 months after a jury found the sheriff not guilty of civil rights violations, he’s now being accused of defamation of character by a former city councilman.


On May 26th, former New Iberia City Councilman, Raymond Lewis filed a petition for damages against the top law enforcement officer in the parish, Sheriff Louis Ackal


In December of 2015, Then, New Iberia city councilman Raymond Shoe Do Lewis’s truck was used in a string of burglaries in Iberia and St. Mary parish.


St. Mary deputies arrested two men for the crime and cleared the councilman’s name, but Iberia Sheriff Louis Ackal wanted to hear from Lewis how the thieves obtained his vehicle.


“It was to clear the air, to clear him more than to hurt him but he refused to come in”, the sheriff said.


“It will be a cold cold day in hell when I will submit myself to an interview with and indicted Sheriff”, that was Lewis’ response to the sheriff’s request in May of 2016 when deputies learned his truck was used in the burglaries; 5 months after the burglaries took place.


The petition states Sheriff Ackal said Lewis could have traded use of the truck for drugs.


Lewis says the investigation is politically motivated; which caused him to suffer great embarrassment and humiliation.


Sheriff Ackal says, “Did I defame Shoe Do? No. Shoe Do has done enough to himself far as I’m concerned, but do what you got to do Shoe Do, it’s your ball, it’s in your court, throw it, I’m ready.”


The petition also states, according to Mr. Lewis, the Iberia Sheriff’s Office is no longer looking into the burglaries involving Lewis’s truck, but Sheriff Ackal tells us the investigation is ongoing and he would still like for Mr. Lewis to come in and make an official statement.


The sheriff says if Lewis’ suit is found to be frivolous, he plans to file suit against the former councilman. Raymond Lewis told us he was not interested in an on-camera interview at this time.

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